Sales Diagnostic Reviews

We conduct our Sales Diagnostic Review across the four areas of your BD function: Systems and Materials, People & Reward, Performance & review, Strategy & knowledge.

A Balcroft Sales Diagnostic Review identifies the barriers that prevent you from maximising
the sale opportunities that exist within your marketplace and creates a clear action plan for focus and enhancement of the function.


A Diagnostic Review cuts through the noise with objective fact-based analysis of the sales function and identifies the barriers that prevent your team from achieving their sales goals. We create a clear report showing the health of all the constituent areas of the sales function within your organisation, so you may address these challenges swiftly and drive greater revenue and value for the business.


  • Fast, thorough, hands-on independent and objective review of all areas of your sales function.

  • Allows you as the business leader to quickly assess and pinpoint where you should focus your efforts to rectify any highlighted sales challenges and maximise revenue opportunities, with minimal disruption.

  • Offers a clear review dashboard, which shows pinch points, which when reminded will increase team and business performance.

  • Provides the basis for further targeted function change and sales investment needs.