Project Management

Outsource your Project Management with Balcroft to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Avoid the disappointment of projects not delivering their potential. We are specialists in project management and have
not failed to support the successful delivery of client projects. Trust us to deliver your transformation.


Our approach to Programmes and Projects provides a structured method, that conforms to best practice frameworks, and a tailored service, based on a standard set of tools we have developed over the years. This allows us to take key business activities and turn them into tangible programmes/projects that align to your company’s objectives and most importantly your customers needs. We support businesses by helping them to avoid the pitfulls of partnership working by shaping and developing collaborative business relationships. Based on the BS 11000 framework, we enable you to work more collaboratively, giving you access to additional services, increased opportunities to win work and the resources to compete for bigger contracts. Balcroft work with you to eliminate the known pitfalls of poor communication. We also help you to define roles and responsibilities that support collaborative decision making.


Companies implement initiatives with a view to obtaining a benefit, but on many occasions the benefits are slow to materialise and in some cases never do. Our Programme and Project Managers support you in not only the management of your projects, but in the effective scoping, tracking, measurement and realisation of the customer and commercial benefits. We project manage differently in that we support you in shaping the initiative, such that it adds real value to your organisation.

  • A 10% – 40% reduction in project costs.

  • Collapsed timescales for delivery.

  • Scaled up project management capability without additional heads and headcount costs.

  • A 15% – 30% improvement in productivity and profitability.

  • Improvement in quality, reliability and service levels.

  • Increase in customer service and retention.

  • A 10% – 20% improvement in staff engagement.

  • Best practice advice and support.

  • Working within the parameters of best practice frameworks, including Prince, MSP and BS 11000.

  • Knowledge and skills transfer through your project champions nominated by you to ensure sustainability and increased internal capability. Your very own Project Management team.

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Keyedin Projects is the Balcroft’s project management application of choice.

KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated suite of business applications designed to take the complexity out of managing complex projects. Connecting easily with your organizations existing systems, KeyedIn Projects gives project, program and portfolio managers the control and insight they need throughout the entire project lifecycle. It ensures resources are used strategically, risks addressed, and costs managed tightly together driving project performance and profitability.” Read Futher