Productivity Diagnostic Reviews

We conduct a short, sharp Productivity Diagnostic Review of your operation examining 3 areas over 5 days: People & Management Styles, Management Tools and Processes

A Balcroft Productivity Diagnostic Review identifies waste that impacts margin performance and prevents you from operating at optimum efficiency. We then create a clear action plan to eliminate the waste and help you achieve your aims.


A Productivity Diagnostic Review cuts through the noise with objective, fact-based analysis of your operation and identifies the barriers that prevent your team from achieving their goals. We create a clear report showing how productive your people are, how active the current style of management is and how effective the current tools and processes are within your organisation, so we can help you address these challenges swiftly and drive greater revenue and value for the business.


  • Fast, thorough, hands-on, independent and objective review of all areas of your operation.

  • Allows you as the business leader to quickly assess and pinpoint where you should focus your efforts to rectify any highlighted challenges and maximise margin opportunities, with minimal disruption.

  • Provides a clear plan of how Balcroft can work with you to bring about the necessary change. Our productivity improvement projects generate a guaranteed minimum 4:1 R.O.I.