Optimising Your Business with Outsourcing

We work with you to plan, build and manage your dedicated offshore team in the Philippines, which is an extension of your business, not a separate part of your organisation.

We provide onshore support in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Benefits of the Balcroft Service

Balcroft BPO provides a unique service offering, in delivering BPO as a managed service, where the new offshore team become an extension of your onshore team, not a separate part. This includes:
  • We establish

    We help manage a seamless transition of your roll out, providing the necessary framework including recruitment, HR, payroll and IT.

  • You retain full control

    Resources will always work under your direction and are dedicated to your organisation. Balcroft BPO ensures attendance and workflow supervision on site on your behalf.

  • We know the Philippines

    We have established the necessary partnerships and structures including state-of-the-art offices and IT infrastructure, and provide the necessary legal, tax, compliance and insurance frameworks.

  • Our pricing is transparent and straightforward

    All costs are invoiced locally in your preferred currency and tax invoices are provided (there are no offshore payments)

  • We are experts

    We provide onshore consulting support that will help you define your strategy, and manage the transition. This includes business process subject matter expertise, to get you BPO ready

  • You can start small

    The ability to start small, manage the risk, prove the benefit, and then extend.

The Balcroft BPO model

We work directly with our clients to ensure your business processes, tools and systems are BPO ready. Your dedicated team members will be supported to ensure they can be effective contributors from day one.

The Balcroft BPO approach

You can choose the level of transition support depending on your requirements, capability, and bandwidth. We can manage your outsourcing risk, clearly defining scope, proving the concept, building confidence, starting small and then extending. At each stage, there are reviews and checkpoints to ensure there are no disruptions to your operations.

Optimising Procedural Documentation

Documenting procedures is important to get you BPO ready, but important often loses out to urgent. Balcroft offer an easy way too rapidly and cost effectively build Standard Operating Procedures for your business, by:
  • 1. Scope

    Utilising best practice frameworks, our business process experts will work with you to build the scope for your standard operating procedures.

  • 3. Build

    Using your recordings, our documentation team will build out, and validate your standard operating procedures. For most process areas, this is typically done in days and includes detailed worksteps, process notes, and screen shots.

  • 2. Capture & Record

    Balcroft provide tools to capture end-user desktop screens, workflow and voice as individuals complete their current tasks.

  • 4. Finalise

    Once reviewed, feedback incorporated and approved, the standard operating procedures will be finalised, and provided to you.