Following the Marketing Review, we support the company to bring the plan to life. We will work with the client team to implement the work programme ensuring all the key identified deliverables and performance enhancements are realised.


  • Improving the role marketing plays in your business by embedding marketing strategy and practice into the business planning process and creating a more market focused business strategy and approach

  • Improving marketing operational effectiveness increasing the quality of key brand/marketing scores by up to 30%

  • Improving marketing operational efficiencies (cost and/or value by up to 25%) on internal and external supplier delivery

  • Cost reduction through the development and application of robust and consistent marketing process, and improved decision making (data driven decisions) through measurement, control and improved use of marketing information / metrics

  • Delivering better supplier relationships and performance related remuneration, improving long term stability and alignment with the business

  • Improving understanding of the market, competitors and sharpening the company’s and its brand propositions, resulting in increased customer relevance and engagement

  • Better strategic planning leading to marketing budget being allocated in an optimal way, supporting ‘stars’ and ‘cash cows’ across the product range – and also identifying the ‘dogs’ to divest from the product range

  • Ensuring sales and business development planning are closely aligned to marketing outputs and improving sales performance by up to 20%

  • Improving internal communications, improving staff loyalty, alignment, understanding and ultimately retention and recruitment