Business Reviews

We conduct Business Reviews at three levels: Teams, Business Function and Organisation.

A Balcroft Business Review identifies the barriers that prevent you from maximising
the opportunities that exist within your business and creates a clear action plan to quantify and remove them.


A Balcroft Review cuts through the noise with objective fact-based analysis of target operations and identifies the barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. We create a clear action plan to remove these barriers and quantify the commercial value of removing these.


  • Fast, thorough, hands-on objective review of your business Processes, People, Policies and Systems.

  • Allows you as Director/Team Manager to pinpoint where you should focus your efforts to maximise benefit, with minimal disruption.

  • If we can’t find any opportunity for improvement, we guarantee to give you your money back.

  • We have never come back to a client with a business case that doesn’t achieve as a minimum, a 20% performance improvement, which is measured both operationally and financially. (We guarantee to deliver any benefits we sign up to achieve at the outset, with projects yielding up to a 14:1 R.O.I).

  • We simply seek to cover our costs during this phase, giving you an opportunity to see the level of depth and detail we drill down to within a very short timescale.