Business Management

Improve productivity, strengthen profit margins, increase service levels and enhance quality

Make things happen with a Balcroft Profitable Architectures Programme


It is a proven methodology and approach that is tailored to your specific needs.

  • We work with you to design, develop and implement a sustainable solution that delivers tangible commercial and operational benefits.
  • The operating framework of your business is made up of four main components: forecasting, planning & scheduling, work execution and performance reporting. If an element of this operating framework is missing or not functioning effectively, the businesss performance and profit will be significantly diluted. We help build an effective operating framework.
  • It is a fast paced business management/ improvement programme.
  • It drives results through your front line staff and management.
  • It embeds a set of best practise processes and practical tools in order to support the elimination of  waste and issues that impact the performance of the business, both operationally and financially.
  • It is a vehicle to improve quality, the customer experience and supports the leaders and teams across the organisation to deliver results and be successful.
  • Change is implemented in a pilot area initially in a controlled staged approach, to demonstrate proof of concept, before being rolled out into other areas using internal resource we have trained, together we keep costs down.
  • Every project provides a guaranteed outcome and our value to our clients is measured by their finance teams in real cash flow terms on a weekly basis, ensuring complete transparency and a healthy within project return on investment.
  • This typically follows a Frank Business Review (which identifies and quantifies the opportunities in your business).


  • An increase in revenue, profit margins and available capital.

  • Improvement in quality, reliability and service levels.

  • Improvement in customer service and retention.

  • Increase in your competitive edge.

  • Improvement in staff productivity by 10-40%.

  • Improvement in staff engagement by 10-20%.

  • Embedded and sustained changes through increased staff engagement, staff are engaged in the process and feel part of the change. This is done with, not to your organisation.

  • Collapsed timeframes and smoothly integrated mergers and acquisitions.

  • Best practice support post IPO.

  • Knowledge and skills transfer through your project champions nominated by you to ensure sustainability and increased internal capability. Your very own performance improvement team.