Business Reviews

When companies need to improve their production or profitability but are unsure of the direction they may need a fresh set of eyes. Balcroft Business Review is the perfect solution; our review of the processes, policies, systems and management behaviors that exist with your business enable us to understand, identify and quantify the opportunities for improvement.

Our reviews have allowed businesses to implement improvement initiatives that have increased performance by 15 – 40% with a return on investment of a minimum of 3:1.

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Management Development

Powerful Management Behaviour is about implementing the right decisions at the right time. Our Management development program is a two day classroom based workshop followed by a 12 week one-to-one on the floor coaching programme. Managers receive our support throughout the process, so they can implement the theory to realise tangible results.

Implementation of our program has seen businesses achieve 40% higher staff satisfaction and engagement – which has driven higher productivity and even greater profits.

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Business Improvement

Our Improvement program looks at the four factors of enhancing your business: people, processes, systems and policies. Our straight forward business process methodology EQUIP enables you to identify and optimise your operational architectures, allowing you to grow. The service starts off with our Business Review where we look at the opportunities that exist within your organisation and design a tailored solution to deliver tangible results.

In the past three years we have delivered £50 million worth of benefits to our clients.

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Quality Assurance

Our home grown online business tool helps you to assess the quality of the work delivered real time. After an initial consultation; every business has a customised version of the tool aligned with their optimised working processes.

Assess, Score and Achieve real results today!

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Programme Management

Balcroft offer Project Management services that guarantee your projects will be delivered on time and within budget. Our project governance tests the rigour and structure of your change management program to ensure it is effective. We also offer an online Project Management application in partnership with KeyedIn Solutions.

We have not failed to deliver a project to a clients expectation, on time and to budget and we always deliver a minimum of 3:1 return on the investment.

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Design Managers Workbook

From one dashboard, your Design Manager can flex his creative team to quickly deliver a great product. Your Project Manager gets accurate, weekly updates. Everyone is clear about what they need to do and this means the team can handle more projects, saving you time and making you better than the competition.

Whether it’s for starting a new project or fixing one that’s already having problems, this easy, fast tool will cut your costs and deliver what your customers want, every time.

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Commercial Development

Give your managers additional skills and coaching that will increase their confidence, help them to think differently and as a result enhance your revenue. These programmes have identified £’s millions for our clients.

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Marketing Review

A comprehensive review of your organisation’s marketing capability which can be conducted as a stand-alone activity (or as part of a wider Balcroft Business Review).

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Marketing Performance Improvement

Following the Marketing Review, we support the company to bring the plan to life. We will work with the client team to implement the work programme ensuring all the key identified deliverables and performance enhancements are realised.

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Organisational Development

Assistance with HR and organisational challenges, outside normal transactional HR, that your business might not have experienced before

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