Global Leaders Embrace Next Generation Outsourcing

The fastest moving and most innovative companies are embracing next generation outsourcing to build the organisations of the future. To revolutionise their business models, scale cost effectively, keep pace and rapidly adjust to changing global and industry demands.

Traditionally, outsourcing has been back end office work performed by cheap graduates in India. Low value, repetitive tasks performed in Bangalore at half the cost of the West. Typically this type of outsourcing delivered zero innovation and came with numerous risks such as data security issues, high staff turnover and customer satisfaction issues due to poor levels of English. A model built on cost rather than quality.


Technology is helping drive next generation outsourcing.

Creating huge opportunities to  provide innovative services, implement organisational change as part of the strategic planning process and create a culture of high performing innovation.  A culture where carefully crafted local and remote teams are empowered with new methods, processes and technology platforms  to create highly responsive customer friendly strategies, delivered by staff with ‘customer first’ ethics.


The Philippines.

Next generation outsourcing starts with smooth knowledge transfer of operations and services, quickly followed by the deployment and learning of best practices to ensure reliable, responsive, high quality delivery.

This form of ‘quality based’  outsourcing is being driven out of the Philippines by new kinds of managed service providers, such as Cloudstaff ( who offer high quality, tailor made platform solutions backed up by technology, infrastructure and multi disciplined skilled staff at a fraction of customers’ homeland costs.


The third largest English speaking country in the world.

The real value of the Philippines, (beyond being English speaking) is a high quality education system based on the American schooling system. It’s a system where the human traits of creativity, imagination, intuition, emotion and ethics are nurtured and encouraged.

This highly experienced and skilled workforce is also extremely loyal. Unlike India, staff attrition in the more innovative providers is less than 1% a month, while salaries are comparable to India.

It’s important to have this type of people structure and technology infrastructure to instil accountability, visibility and governance in the workforce you choose. It’s equally important to have strong proactive and pragmatic leadership who see the big picture and take local ownership.


Choosing the right Managed Service Provider is paramount.

Trust is paramount. Organisations with high profile customers, need to have extremely high levels of trust in their provider. They’ve worked very hard and proven themselves over and over and demand a transparent outsourcing partner who adds value, not just seats. A partner who takes ownership and delivers, a partner who will enhance their reputation.

As well as being able to rapidly deploy staff solutions, the partner’s value proposition needs to be built around the organisation’s desired results; be it increased revenue, higher margins, enhanced customer service, faster innovation or market expansion.


Ensure your partner has one eye on the future.

Bots are yet to make significant traction. Right now, they are still limited to discrete process steps. However, we predict this will change quickly and they will handle both structured information and rules based processing requests with ease. Ultimately the Managed Service Provider who is already trialling and training bots alongside humans as well as integrating them with intelligent analytics will have the first mover advantage and will ultimately deliver significant strategic benefits.