How to mix Workforce Flexibility With Business Goals

June 20, 2016 Team Management Comments Off on How to mix Workforce Flexibility With Business Goals

The annual job seeker survey of 2015, discovered that employees across the UK and US are looking for employers who are offering better work-life balance. Part of this is a more dynamic approach to how work can be conducted with flexible working hours and telecommuting. The pros and cons of workforce flexibility for businesses have long been debated. Yahoo! famously cut its virtual working programme in 2013, and other big…

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There is no I in Team

When people think of leadership these days, there is often the misconception of someone at the top who is an autocrat, or someone in charge that people have to (or need to follow). Yet workplace values and dynamics have significantly changed from when leadership was very much delivered this way. Today, leaders need to think beyond themselves and start to look at what building a great team means. This has…

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Developing Commercial Awareness in Your Workforce

June 06, 2016 Team Management Comments Off on Developing Commercial Awareness in Your Workforce

Developing commercial awareness within your workforce is essential. It helps you find solutions to challenges that are preventing your business from achieving greater success, and limiting your profits from overspending by staff. Many companies are looking for employees who have commercial awareness, but the key really is to train your workforce to have that skill. Not a Simple Task The first thing to understand is that commercial awareness is not…

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Do you Need That Meeting?

Meetings are the default response when something is happening in the business. You want to talk about a new product launch, the performance of an employee or how a regulation changes your operational procedures, and somewhere down the line, someone will want to schedule a meeting. In some cases, this is the only viable option for the circumstances. Yet at other times, a meeting isn’t necessary at all. A survey…

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Don’t Wait for Magic; you are the Magic!

Have you ever sat there and wanted something to change? Probably. What have you done about it to make a successful change transformation? Chances are, not a lot. Most people come to work wanting to do a good job and don’t enjoy the fact that they have to deal with problems which have a negative impact on their efficiency; either causing them to be under-utilised or to spend time dealing…

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