Why would management consultants need an office?

August 15, 2014 Uncategorized Comments Off on Why would management consultants need an office?

Traditionally, companies only like to deal with companies that have an office. There are many reasons for this. One is that an office serves as a foundation; it reassures businesses that the company is stable. Another reason is that an office is often is linked to prestige and reputation.  Having an office in a prestige location, for example the City, is often used as a measure of the business’s credibility.…

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Top tips to ensure your business is adopting ‘Collaborative Working’ practices effectively

August 08, 2014 Team Management Comments Off on Top tips to ensure your business is adopting ‘Collaborative Working’ practices effectively

Collaborative working is currently a hot topic within the construction industry. In construction it is paramount that everyone comes together to deliver a project; from the designers to architects, from engineers to management.  Collaborative working can also be very relevant to other large FTSE 250/ Fortune 500 organisations. Collaborative partnerships have many benefits and can lead to growth for all companies involved. They enable businesses to pool resources, skills, talent…

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Is there synergy between video gaming and business?

The success of the video gaming industry provides useful insights for business leaders today.  The video gaming industry was able to create a new need that impacts every household and every person. Adults use it while commuting, the elderly use games to exercise their brains and it is widely popular among children and teenagers. Due to the dynamic and multipurpose nature of video games, it has become an inevitable part…

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Is your business global minded?

Over the past decade, the world has rapidly become more globalised and interconnected. It is therefore only natural to look at the implications this has on businesses.  With the combination of global communication, global markets and technology, it is becoming easier for companies to compete on a global level. It is no longer sufficient for businesses to be nationally focused. This is something small businesses need to take note of…

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Working hard and the difference between stress and passion.

‘Working hard for something we don’t care is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion’ Simon Sinek A study done last year by Deloitte found that only 11 percent of employees are passionate about their work. That’s around one out of every 10 people that are interviewed. The ultimate workplace priority should be to ensure passion amongst employees. Not only is this beneficial to the employees, but…

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