Revenue, Revenue & Revenue!!!

August 17, 2018 Team Management Comments Off on Revenue, Revenue & Revenue!!!

A successful man once said, " There are three real problems in business, Revenue, Revenue & Revenue". He went on to explain it is easier to turn down the dial on costs, than it is to turn it up on revenue . His point being, that if you really focus on cost control and cost cutting, it is largely under your control and you don't have to rely on anybody…

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A very warm welcome to Vic Gysin

May 04, 2018 Team Management Comments Off on A very warm welcome to Vic Gysin

A very warm welcome to Vic Gysin, our new Subject Matter Expert. With 7 years’ experience as a Group Board Director of a FTSE 100 company operating in forty countries, Vic has considerable strategic and operational level experience. Welcome to the team!

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Global Leaders Embrace Next Generation Outsourcing

The fastest moving and most innovative companies are embracing next generation outsourcing to build the organisations of the future. To revolutionise their business models, scale cost effectively, keep pace and rapidly adjust to changing global and industry demands. Traditionally, outsourcing has been back end office work performed by cheap graduates in India. Low value, repetitive tasks performed in Bangalore at half the cost of the West. Typically this type of…

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Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity

Whilst your organisation has been successfully growing the business, are the controls and processes that were originally implemented, still fit for purpose? The news feeds and press are rife with companies suffering from major challenges, potentially serious enough to put the organisation out of business, along with many smaller firms in their supply chains. The most recent sad demise of Carillion, being a prime example. People say that these challenges…

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